Class 4 – Free math online quiz

Practice Makes You Perfect!!!

Short free online maths quiz for fun and practice for students of class 4. Each quiz is designed to check the understanding for that topic. It can be used for quick revision before daily practice and revision of test. No time limit has been put for the test so that each person can take their time to understand and work it out without feeling any pressure of time.

Online quiz are a fun way to make your child practice all the math concepts that they have learnt. Every child needs to practice the same concepts again and again to perfect them. Online quiz make it easier for the children, with the beautiful graphics and colorful pictures. Each online quiz exposes students to different types of questions without making them too boring.

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Class 4 – Online Quiz Topics:


Number Concepts (5 Digit)

Reading and writing large numbers – Quiz 1

Finding Place value and Face Value –

Quiz 1Quiz 2

Write number in expanded form – Quiz 1

Comparing numbers – Quiz 1

Estimation – Quiz 1







Measurement of Length, Weight And Capacity



Area and Perimeter


Class 4 Quiz/Test
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